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Today, we’re sitting down with Dahlia Rondeau, founder of High Vibes for Wellness and High Vibes with Dahlia. Formerly a reporter for People magazine, Dahlia became a holistic healer in order to heal herself from immune system issues and to help her twin boys find healing on the spectrum of autism.

We’ll explore quantum pioneering—which is where ancient teachings meet neuroscience—and how to gain more peace, joy, bliss and prosperity in your life. Dahlia will also share how her near-death experience made a profound impact on her life and how this journey led her to become a certified theta healing practitioner, sound healer, quantum biofeedback practitioner, and yoga meditation teacher.

Now studying to become a doctor of natural medicine, Dahlia wants to help everyday people like you and me connect to the healing power of love, compassion and pro-consciousness. 

Near Death Experience

A near-death experience at thirteen years old is where Dahlia’s journey into quantum biofeedback began. We’ve all heard of these types of things, and there are thousands of case studies about people leaving their bodies and going to the other side, accessing a higher consciousness. Dahlia is one of those people. 

One year on spring break, she’d been play-fighting with her older brother.


“We were playing tug-of-war with this beach towel, and I was in front of our glass coffee table, and he let go of his end of this tug-of-war. And when he did, I flew backwards…landed on the table and fell into this glass, and it broke into tiny blades.”


The blades pierced through Dahlia’s body, sending her into shock. At the hospital, Dahlia was immediately rushed into surgery, but she said she felt “complete and total peace” as she prayed, knowing that it wasn’t her time. “The lights went dark, and the next thing I know, I was literally up out of my body.”  

Her last conscious moment had been hurtling down the hospital corridor with the doctors, but during her surgery, Dahlia saw herself as she floated above the operating table. 


“Everything was happening just at quantum speed, just at lightning speed. I’m in this space, and I start to hear a quiet voice talking to me, saying ‘it’s not your time; I am with you; you are going to be okay.’ It was very comforting.”


Dahlia says the voice belonged to God, feeling she was with God and saying to him, “I don’t want to go back there unless you’re with me.” Within moments, she was back in her body, and ever since then, she’s retained that peace and higher consciousness. “It’s never left,” she says. “Our energy does exist beyond the physical.”


As someone who’s always been fascinated with near-death experiences—and reading books on the subject by authors like Elisabeth Kübler-Ross—I’m sort of jealous of Dahlia and others who’ve experienced the beauty of that existence. I think it’s beautiful. I have a degree in nutrition—I love all that stuff—and there’s a lot of mystical, magical things about the world. Hence why I am very interested in this topic, especially with what we’re going to talk about now: quantum frequencies, quantum healing, and quantum feedback.

Dahlia recalls, after waking from surgery, being “completely sensitive to light, sound.” She says, “People could walk into my room and I would immediately feel and know something about them,” which was not something she’d felt before. 

Despite trying to ignore this new ability, a series of traumatic events would prompt her to embrace it. Within 90 days, Dahlia lost a good friend to an aneurysm, miscarried a child, and received an autism diagnosis for her two-year-old twin boys. In dealing with the onslaught of grief, she was visited by an angel, she says, which led to the conclusion that she should not only use what she’d been blessed with to help herself and her family, but help others as well.


What Is Quantum Biofeedback and How Does It Help People?

Dahlia defines quantum biofeedback as a frequency. She says, “I believe that God has a frequency. It’s a high vibrational frequency. Everything is made of energy. Everything is vibration.” She attributes her near-death experience to her ability to access this higher consciousness and believes that “we’re going to be integrating even more of these types of tools, technology, energy, holistic health of all kinds” into our world.


“We’re all needing to take our power back.

We’re all needing to take our personal health back.”


There are software technologies that have been developed to capture, measure, and combine frequencies in hertz, which accesses the quantum field. Because we are electromagnetic beings, our bio-field, through this technology, can show us what frequencies we need more of to enhance our life force energy.

“When you access higher consciousness, whether it be through meditation, prayer, yoga, and you feel completely blissed out, you’ve reached higher consciousness in that moment,” says Dahlia, who believes we all have the ability to reach this state.

Joy, peace, happiness and love are higher realms of frequency, while anger and sadness register as lower frequencies. Meditation has been proven to create peace and calm and help us emotionally regulate. So, “we’re coming up with all these innovative ways to bring in these frequencies. Since everything is vibration, this quantum biofeedback technology takes that vibrational frequency and broadcasts it to you according to what your body needs,” Dahlia states.


How Does Quantum Biofeedback Work?

I tested quantum biofeedback in a session with Dahlia, which starts with taking a photo, capturing your image in real time. Then, she takes a “snapshot” of your voice, which, much like a fingerprint, is unique to every individual. She then measures your frequency via your voice, plugs it into a program and runs it against its algorithms, which produce a range for those frequencies. 

The process takes seconds and “is way faster than anything I’ve used before,” Dahlia claims. “I’ve gone through using kinesiology, muscle testing—and I still believe in all of that, it’s fabulous—but this works really fast to look at your field.” 

Everything is divided into body, mind, and bio-field. We look at my aura, which “is pretty muddy,” as Dahlia put it. Lots of dark gray, and a vertical stream of green that represents healing coming into my body, and a little purple that indicates something is happening in my crown chakra.

From her analysis, Dahlia (correctly) surmises that I’ve been experiencing discomfort in my body and emotional distress. She explains that I’m showing low frequency in the root chakra area, which is how we relate to our earth, finances, and our safety. She delves into my stress levels and says, “it’s showing that you have some inflammation in your energy fields. It is showing something around blood sugar, so I don’t know if you haven’t eaten in a while.” I admit that I’d not eaten since breakfast, and she makes note to put some vibrations toward my immune system.


Biofeedback Results

After analyzing me, she drops various “essences” into a virtual holding tray to broadcast to me and boost these areas. Some of those essences—think essential oils—are Bach flower essences like willow, rock water, cerato, lavender, lemon, and cinnamon bark, among others. 


“These essential oil vibrations are coming to you, so you do not have to go out and purchase all of these,” she explains. “This is just going to be broadcast to your system, and your system will know what to use for the highest and greatest good.” 

Finally, she adds bergamot, which I love, and says that it’s for joy. While she’s broadcasting these frequencies to me, the software emits vibrational tones, and when she pulls up the image of my aura, the transformation is tremendous. My aura now boasts a beautiful pink streak on the side, lots of green, and a little bit of bluish green.

“So, all of these frequencies that we went through and described were broadcast to you,” she explains. “[They] either zero out any sort of discomfort and bring in the higher vibrational essential [sic] and oils and flower essences to your field. So, instantly, your bio-field, your aura changed.”

Pink is the color of unconditional love, Dahlia tells me. “I always tell people to meditate in pink to transmute something that feels not good in your system.” Healing and unconditional love now flowed throughout my auric field, and “this love is coming in to assist with your root chakra,” she continues.

Even though someone may not have felt it right away, Dahlia says her clients “feel awesome” within 24 hours. She can even send her clients their individual frequencies and instructs them to continue playing them a couple times a day for the next week, or until they meet again. 

She also offers emotional regulation support, which is helping people through breath work, through meditation, theta healing, and work on bringing in their higher consciousness into their everyday life.

Dahlia also revealed that, prior to starting the interview, she’d been wearing a different color, but “the Holy Spirit quietly said ‘go put a pink shirt on,’ and I think it was because we were supposed to be tuning into that frequency of love today.”

How beautiful is that?


Interested in having a biofeedback session with Dahlia? She can do this for anybody, anywhere. You can have your session via phone or Zoom, even if you’re in another state or country.

You can visit Dahlia’s website at and read more about quantum biofeedback, her background and education, or even book a one-to-one session.

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