This is a favorite recipe of my family and my many nutritional clients over the years. Rich in fiber and immune-boosting nutrients, this tasty, hearty dish should be on your “must-have” list at least two to three times per month. This is a simple recipe that takes about an hour to prepare.


2 cups organic dried lentils

1 28 oz can of crushed organic tomatoes

1 cup organic baby carrots or thick carrot slices

1 cup peeled and quartered organic Yukon gold potatoes

¼ cup chopped onion

2 organic dried bay leaves

Optional: 2 stalks chopped celery

1 to 1.5tsp sea salt water to cover

  1. Bring all to a boil on medium-high, stirring frequently.
  2. Cover and reduce heat to medium to medium-low. Cook and continue to add water until lentils and vegetables are soft.
  3. Once desired consistency is achieved for tenderness, leave uncovered and allow the liquid to evaporate until the mixture becomes a thicker “stew-like” consistency.

Serve with organic grated sharp cheddar or crumbled feta-cheese (reduced fat or fat free is fine to reduce fat content). Add a fresh mixed green salad on the side with balsamic vinaigrette and an iced cold glass of iced tea with a sprig of mint. Oh, and be sure to add a side of “love” to that too! Enjoy!

Serves 6 to 8