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The LaLaGuru Show Podcast with Your Host, Laura Lewis

Rocket Fuel for Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Tune into The LaLaGuru Show! In this fun and enlightening podcast, your host, lifestyle and marketing expert, Laura Lewis or “LaLa”, dives into matters of the Body, the Mind, Business, and Beyond with a wide array of guests that include authors, healers, change makers, and experts that guarantee an interesting ride!

Laura and her guests will deep dive into topics that include energy healing, quantum physics, the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind, longevity medicine, boosting your immune system, and so much more. Plus, for those of you who have a desire to grow your own business, we’ll be exploring cutting-edge strategies on how to best amplify your brand or messaging platform, turning it into a platform for abundance!

It’s Rocket Fuel for your Body, Mind, Soul, & Your Life! The LaLaGuru Show!