Rewire Your Brain

Hypnosis and Vitality Coaching with Laura Lewis, B.S, C.Ht.

  • The life script that we have created can often get into the way of success in all areas of our lives. This powerful neural pathway matrix is loaded with beliefs and “operating procedures” has been a work in progress ever since the moment you were born. Fears, self-sabotaging behaviors, and learned subconscious programs could be running your life in the wrong direction. Failed relationships, weight issues, lack of motivation, procrastination, less than desirable success in business, and other…

Amplify Your Brand

Creative Business Solutions with The LaLaPow Agency

  • With many years in the entertainment industry as a producer & host on television and talk radio programs, as well as having appeared on many national television shows and networks as a guest expert, Laura has a unique “knack” when it comes to integrated media and developing and amplifying brands. A self-proclaimed intuitive marketer and geek at heart, Laura created The LaLaPow agency to help other heart-centered individuals and businesses, amplify their messaging and unique brands out into the world.

Expand Your Horizons

Tune into The LaLaGuru Show. New Episodes coming soon!

  • In this fun and enlightening talk show, your host, Laura Lewis, “LaLa”, interviews guest experts who help us “see” into the mysteries of the body, the mind, and the spirit. Each conversation is a deep dive, designed to enlighten, inspire, and motivate the listener to step into the life that has been waiting for them.