Rewire Your Brain

Hypnosis and Life Coaching with Laura Lewis, B.S, C.Ht.

Are you feeling stressed? Or unhappy with your life? Are you dissatisfied with your relationships? Is fear getting in the way of pursuing your dreams? Are you unhappy with your business or career?

Maybe it’s time for a RESET. Now. In a big way.

As a lifestyle expert and coach, I’ve worked with many people, just like you, to get out of their own way so that they may start living the life of their dreams.

I’ve been there myself. And all it took was a reset in my own subconscious programming–my life script– and a bit of guidance from someone who helped get me back on track. And that’s what I do for my coaching clients.

If you are interested in your own RESET, contact me, and let’s get YOU back on track to living your best life!

xo Laura

Amplify Your Brand

Creative Business Solutions with The LaLaPow Agency

  • With a career as a National Television Host, Talk Radio Host, Producer, and National Spokesperson, Laura Lewis is also the founder of The LaLaPow Marketing Agency.  As an Author & Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Laura has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, The Discovery Channel, Z Living & Living Well with Montel Williams, and many more television, radio, and podcast platforms.  When it comes to Digital Marketing, Video Production, Podcast Production, Social Media, Website Design, & Brand Strategy, Laura created The LaLaPow agency to help individuals and businesses, amplify their messaging and unique brands out into the world.

Expand Your Horizons

Tune into The LaLaGuru Show. New Episodes coming soon!

  • In this fun and enlightening talk show, your host, Laura Lewis, “LaLa”, interviews guest experts who help us “see” into the mysteries of the body, the mind, and the spirit. Each conversation is a deep dive, designed to enlighten, inspire, and motivate the listener to step into the life that has been waiting for them.