Do you sleep on your tummy? Your back? Your side? Apparently the position in which you sleep indicates something about your personality.

The Sensitive-Tough Guy or Gal If you like to curl up in the fetal position when slipping off to the Land of Nod, this suggests you may be a tough cookie on the outside but are sensitive at heart. Twice as many women sleep in this position as compared to men.

The Gullible Extrovert Folks who sleep with their bodies straight as a board tend to be social people who are trusting of strangers and perhaps a little gullible.

The Suspicious Yearner Someone who sleeps on his or her side with arms reaching out — has an open but cynical nature. The yearner is suspicious, slow to decisions, and typically inflexible once a decision is made.

The Picky-Quite One If you sleep on your back with your arms straight to your side like a soldier, you are probably a quiet and reserved person with exceptionally high standards for yourself and others.

The Sensitive Critic Folks who sleep on their tummies with their arms wrapped around the pillow tend to be brash and outgoing but also more likely to dish out criticism than others. interesting, tummy sleepers do not receive criticism as easily as they dish it out.

The Good Listener People who sleep on their back grasping a pillow tend to be goods friends who listen easily.

How do you sleep? Do these descriptions accurately reflect your personality and sleeping style?