“‘Twas not my lips you kissed
But my soul”

Judy Garland

Did you know when you kiss someone you are actually taking a taste test to determine if someone is genetically compatible with you or not, as a mate, relevant to procreating little human beings together? It’s true.

And here’s a relevant tidbit–Studies have shown that women on hormone-based birth control methods may choose the wrong mate due to how it can change their “ideal mate compass,” causing it to point in the wrong direction! Without any synthetic hormones involved, one may ideally tune in to a potential partner’s chemistry by scent, which relays their MHC’s or major histocompatibility complex. MHC’s are a “key” that relays genetic compatibility which may determine success of having healthy offspring. MHC’s are not only present as a scent but also in…saliva!

Thought provoking, right?

And then I started to think about the boyfriends I have had since I was a teen and how I felt about kissing them in relation to how things went in the relationship. The guys who I deem the “best kissers” in my serious dating history certainly had my attention in the passion department. Blame all that Scorpio in my birth chart. And somehow knowing they were a perfect match for me, at least genetically.

If you’re seeking an ideal mate, here are a few things to remember while on your Kissing Quest:

While on hormone based birth control, a woman may not be the best judge of who her ideal mate should be. You may be perfect mates genetically…or maybe not! Proceed with caution.

When kissing someone the experience gives one an opportunity for an “up close and personal” experience of a potential mate via smell, touch and more. And kissing or the “taste test” typically tells both partners if they are right for each other.

And this is interesting–humans are so sensitive to the biochemistry of the opposite sex that men can actually tell when women are ovulating. And did you know that men are known to become more protective during a female’s “fertile time?” Indeed!

Lastly, a research study was performed observing men who tipped strippers in a club as they danced for them. The results? The dancers who were ovulating made the most money in tips! Those who were menstruating? They made the least tips!

Passionate food for thought, no?