If you are at the point of popping in workout videos and watching from the sofa while sipping a milkshake and eating popcorn, or you’re supplementing your healthy diet with handfuls of peanut M&Ms, french fries, and margaritas, well, then some new motivation is in order!

Heck, even I need motivation – and I am known as an enthusiastic health and fitness advocate and motivator. I am only human, after all. So I decided to conduct a bit of research on some common and not-so-common motivators. I gleaned information from my fit hairstylist and from the editor of a popular fitness magazine. Plus, I checked out a few online sources. I came up with some “interesting” motivational strategies. Read on!

Set an alarm clock in your living room. There was a fellow who had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to go to the gym. Since his wife and small children were sleeping, he felt it was easier to sleep in with the rest of them. So he decided to set two alarm clocks — one by the bed and one in the living room. If the one in the living room were to go off, it would wake his children at 5 a.m., which is something he did not want to happen since havoc would inevitably ensue. So he learned to hop up when the first alarm went off, he turned off the one in the living room, and then he headed to the gym.

Pay a penalty to a cause you despise. My editor friend told me about a personal trainer who made all her clients donate to a cause they hated if they didn’t follow her program. For example, a staunch conservative may not want to donate to a liberal organization such as Greenpeace. You blow it, you pay up for something you don’t believe in. You can do this with a fitness buddy so you can keep each other on track.

Religion makes you diet. Lara, my hairstylist, does have one rockin’ bod. But she works at it. Yet she also loves to have fun. An admitted fried-food addict, she finds giving up her beloved fatty obsessions for the Catholic time of Lent helps her stay on the straight and narrow. “I am giving up fried foods for my soul,” she told me grinning broadly, “and when I give up french fries, well, a burger just isn’t the same, so I order a salad instead.” Since Lent falls right before Spring, Lara said, “What better way to get my body ready for summer?”

Fantasize about compliments. Lara also loves to work out, but not all of the time. She works out, then slacks off for a month at a time. Yet her recent motivation was being complimented at a pool party. She focused on her cardio and abs. Lo and behold, a friend came up to her and told her she had great abs. Big smile from Lara. She loves compliments, so she’ll keep working out. For now, anyway.

Schedule a boudoir photo session. Umm, yeah. This is one of those sexy photo sessions where you show your more sensual side with somewhat revealing clothing or even being “draped” tastefully. Or you might choose a sexy swimsuit for a more fitness model look. Either way, make an appointment six to eight weeks in advance with a photographer who specializes in this type of thing. Set the session date as your goal. Then give your photos to your sweetheart or keep them for yourself so you can admire the results of your work. If that won’t get you motivated, I don’t know what will!

Do you have your own quirky ways of staying motivated? I’ve love to hear them!