My Story

I fell in love with speaking to groups fresh out of college. Well, that is if you don't include when a microphone, make that a megaphone, was handed to me at the age of 16, when I became the captain of a sixty-five member dance team, deep in the heart of Texas. A great feat for a transplanted native New Yorker just two years earlier. Even then I would try to inspire my peers, who would often look at me rather confused when I would occasionally read a poem instead of going over dance steps. Inspiration, leadership, passion--I knew then it felt right to speak, to lead, to inspire. Oh, and to dance. I so love to dance.

You see, I am  dedicated to awakening individuals to their own outstanding potential–to live inspired, motivated, productive, fulfilling lives, both professionally and personally. And to instill courageous optimism. Hope. Overcoming fear seems to be an area of expertise where I thrive. I guess that's because I've slayed some pretty big dragons in my journey through life and lived to tell about it. And I've collected some pretty interesting stories.

The audiences I  have presented to include WOVI-Women of Visionary Influence; American Business Women’s Association; International Dance Exercise Association; Southern Methodist University; American Heart Association; AWRT American Women in Radio and Television; ERA-Electronic Retailing Association; The Women’s Center of Dallas; Albertson’s Corporate Retreat-Carefree, Arizona; Texas Credit Union League; The Verandah Club; Kilgore College; The Visiting Nurses Association; Christian Care Hospice; and numerous others.

People say that my style is unique, inspirational and powerful. And when I notice my audiences are moved or transformed in some way, by what I have to say, there is truly no better feeling on earth knowing that I am making a difference in another's life.

“I obtain great satisfaction after working with clients in groups or in private sessions, especially when I see them become proactive in their own transformation– taking the necessary steps to becoming more optimistic, inspired and empowered in all areas of their lives! What a joy it is indeed!”

Laura Lewis

Speaking Topics

The Secret Code of the Genius and the Muse

Are you a Genius? Or are you a Muse? Discover your own archetype and how doing so can bring harmony to your relationships in business, social relationships and your love life.

What is the common modus operandi of the Genius versus the Muse archetype?

What trick does the Genius play in capturing their opposite's attention? The Muse?

What is the best way to communicate with a Genius and why doesn't it work with a Muse?

Why do opposites always attract and how to recognize your perfect match.

What is the perfect formula for the perfect relationship?

Change by  Choice, Change by Chance

Categories- motivation, change management, overcoming adversity
Breakout session / Workshop 1 to 3 hours

This presentation can be customized as an interactive workshop. Perfect as a straight presentation and for trainings. Through humor and inspiration, this is one of my most popular offerings and many consider it to be perfect as a keynote.
Learn unique strategies on how to healthfully deal with change

Learn why our subconscious programs fuel our resistance to change.

Gain insight on how to turn the tables in your favor in the face of adversity.

Learn the gift of the “Perspective Shift” when dealing with difficult co-workers, family members, friends and challenging situations.
Discover how to get out of the “victim” mentality, one day at a time.
Obtain tools on how to implement your own life change strategy.

Life is a Series of Miracles

Categories-change management, overcoming adversity, inspiration, motivation
This magical keynote will inspire, uplift and motivate your audience. In this presentation, I  share my own, very personal stories where life’s challenges seemed impossible to overcome, yet, became miraculous experiences, illustrating that life can be extraordinary no matter the circumstances.
Through my stories of overcoming and surviving in "against-all-odds" situations, learn how to healthfully deal with adversity.
Learn to regain hope in seemingly hopeless situations
Listen how one may discover renewed strength after a journey through the darker times in our lives.
Discover how to obtain the support you need in the midst of change and why connection can be the greatest healer of all.