With a Bachelor's of Science in Food and Nutrition along with a certification in clinical hypnotherapy and over 25 years of coaching experience, Laura Lewis created her unique HypNutrition® approach.

In a typical HypNutrition® coaching session, Laura addresses the three primary pillars: The Body, The Conscious Mind & The SubConscious Mind.

      • Pillar ONE: The Body--This "stop, look and listen" approach to the overall health of the body plays an integral part in building a strong foundation for optimal results. For example, if a person feels his or her life is too stressful, using the HypNutrition® approach, physiological symptoms are noted, such as lack of sleep, signs of low blood sugar, and digestive issues. This is not in lieu of a medical evaluation. However, once taken into consideration, suggestions are made that might help calm the body. A calmer, healthier body often will result in an optimal outcome with the HypNutrition® approach.


      • Pillar TWO: The Conscious Mind--A key part of a HypNutrition® coaching session involves discussion. This is the time to vent, talk, laugh, cry and set goals a client would like to focus on. With over 25 years of experience in nutrition and wellness education, Laura also uses various fun, yet impactful, teaching methods which many clients consider life changing.


      • Pillar THREE: The SubConscious Mind -- Did you know that almost 90% of your brain is  considered your subconscious mind? This is the area where, from the very beginning of your life, you created your reality by identification and association. This is where an individual's deep "truths" of what life is about -- and how it should or shouldn't be, reside. After the age of 6 to 8 years of age, these beliefs become anchored in what many consider the "adult" mind--which may become a hindrance, as they continue to be activated and live on--driving us! This is what many consider our "Life Script." Fortunately, by using creative visualization, along with deep relaxation techniques, old truths, fears, unhealthy belief patterns, and self-esteem issues can be shifted into a more positive space. Laura considers this part of the HypNutrition® Approach as the internal rocket fuel essential for optimal personal transformation.


Laura offers individual private sessions in person, by phone or via web chat (SKYPE.) Laura's expertise allows her to work with her exclusive group of clients on a wide-range of issues including but not limited to:

        • boosting self-confidence
        • changing habits
        • overcoming fears and phobias
        • weight-loss issues
        • improving memory
        • improving sports performance
        • lowering stress
        • nail-biting
        • stage fright
        • performance anxiety
        • hopelessness
        • sleep disorders
        • study habits
        • exam anxiety
        • self-defeating behaviors
        • relationship enhancement
        • public speaking
        • memory
        • forgiveness
        • grief recovery
        • relaxation
        • career success
        • anger
        • self-image
        • fear of flying
        • fear of animals
        • irritability
        • pessimism
        • reaching goals.

To book your appointment with Laura Lewis, complete the contact form by clicking HERE. Or contact by phone for further questions: 310-734-8356. In person sessions in the Austin, Texas area as well as in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California during select times of the year. Also, SKYPE and phone coaching sessions are available to Laura’s global clientele. Customized HypNutrition® and wellness classes available for groups.

Private Coaching with Laura Lewis

60 minute session

In person, via phone or online, HypNutrition® sessions are offered to assist in weight loss, achievement of goals, overcoming fears,  overcoming stage fright, fear of public speaking, test anxiety,  life enhancement, grief & loss, motivation for success, boost confidence and self-esteem, sports performance, pain relief, creative arts and relaxation. * Hypnotists are not licensed healing arts practitioners. Some medical conditions require a physician’s referral.

HypNutrition® Weight-Loss Series- Minimum, Six to Eight 60 minute sessions

Combines a sound nutritional weight loss plan along with creative visualization, imagery and hypnotherapy techniques.

HypNutrition® Follow-Up Sessions 60 minute sessions, until goals are obtained.

Often, after the initial HypNutrition® Weight Loss Series, in order to continue momentum, many clients choose to continue with follow-up sessions with Laura until goals are met. The number of sessions will be determined based upon

Laura Lewis's HypNutrition® House call- 3 Hours(Austin, Texas only)

A Platinum service, The HypNutrition® House call entails personalized nutritional guidance, fitness program review, pantry and fridge evaluation, body assessment (weight and measurements) and private HypNutrition® coaching session.


I came to Laura for my performance anxiety that had a crippling effect on my career as a singer. My sessions with Laura have been a haven, a fruitful ground helping me to overcome paralyzing fear over performing in public. Not only have I lost weight, my experience and growth in performing again has been life changing.

Catherine, Glendale, California

I have learned from Laura, not only how to eat and how my body assimilates food, but I also feel so much healthier, energetic and my gut issues have disappeared! If everyone had someone like Laura educating and cheering them on they would definitely end their "yo yo" days. And her hypnotherapy techniques worked like a charm! I haven't had sweet cravings since our first session! Simply incredible!

Miranda, Hollywood, California

The services Laura Lewis, BS, CHt provides are held out to the public as a form of motivational coaching using non-therapeutic hypnotism and instruction in self-hypnosis. Laura Lewis BS, CHt does not deem or represent her services as any type or form of psychotherapy or health care, and despite research to the contrary, by law, Laura Lewis BS, CHt may not make no health benefit claims for private or group coaching services.