Laura Lewis

Hey There! I’m Laura Lewis. 

My mission in life is to empower, inspire, educate and motivate women around the world to embrace their true, beautiful, extraordinary destiny. Not the sad, going-nowhere-what-happened-to-my-dream-destiny. I’m talking about the one that you feel in your gut, in your bones, in your heart…in your soul.

Yet, there is that "something" that is getting in your way. I believe that something resides deep within your subconscious mind.

How did this happen?

When we begin to ride our ride of life, many of us end up being distracted by, well, people, places, things that were not exactly part of their divine plan. I mean their REAL divine plan. You may argue that all of this is destiny. However, I’m convinced it isn’t. Those roadblocks, slowdowns, majorly uncomfortable situations, which may repeat over and over again, or cause you to be at a standstill in your life aren’t supposed to be the final destination of your destiny. Sorry, I'm just not going to write this off as your "karma."

We have choices along the way in order to allow you to jump off that hamster wheel you have been tirelessly running on for so long. Yes. It will end. YOU are the determining factor.

Now I know, you may be thinking, how the heck does she have any idea what I’ve been through or am going through currently? Let’s just say I have had a very difficult journey and have overcome, conquered, even the greatest against-all-odds situations.

Life or death situations.

I don’t want to get into the downer details of my own life challenges. But I  do resonate with having a warrior spirit. To have survived what I have and to now find myself thriving, I am still astounded!

The gift of that “ride” in life, the one that I didn’t buy a” ticket” for by the way, was the fact that it set my heart on fire, and the voice of my soul could no longer be muffled by the “noise” of living an insincere life.

If you look at my “work” history, you’ll see that I’ve been an aerobics queen, a motivational speaker, radio and television host, producer, author, wellness spa consultant, media, and marketing consultant and a business owner. And overall, with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition, years of experience coaching clients and recently adding in a certification in hypnotherapy—a year-long program---there has been one very big pervasive theme—and that is to help others smile more, live more, love more—and to be as healthy and happy as they can be in body, mind, and spirit. Having led and designed workshops, as well as working with hundreds of individuals, my love for this work continues to grow exponentially!

So get ready. I’ve got some pretty exciting things in store for you that I think are going to rock your world, as you know it. That is if you’re ready and up for the challenge. I’ve got a feeling, if you’ve read this far, you’re one of the ones who are ready. Ready to live YOUR divine destiny. Your soul is vibrating with excitement already!

And that’s what I want to do more than anything. Through my coaching programs such as HypNutrition® and Flight School TM, private online community, exclusive empowerment retreats, private consultations, podcasts, speaking venues and more, I want to help YOU get there!

Besides continuing to create and live my own ecstatic life! Helping you and others like you are part of my own divine destiny. I know that without a doubt! 

Laura's Bio

In The Media: Laura Lewis has appeared as the primary host of numerous radio and television programs including the Z-Living television 26 episode series entitled Empty Nesters. She is also the featured healthy living expert on the national beauty and wellness television series, Simply Beautiful (season 2) also of the Z Living Network. Laura was a producer, executive producer and host of the Telly and WorldFest Platinum award winning national television series Net Talk Interactive. Laura also hosted and produced several talk radio programs including Net Talk Radio (national), Body Talk (regional-Southwest US) and Body, Mind & Beauty-(webcast/podcast series.) Laura has appeared as a guest expert on numerous television and radio shows. Past media venues featuring Laura include: Living Well with Montel Williams, The TV Food Network; The Discovery Channel; The Healthy Living Channel; Fox & Friends, Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland; NBC’s WBAL in Baltimore; the Los Angeles’ CW station KTLA; Sacramento & Co on ABC News 10, Belo; WB, The Talk Radio Network, Success Talk Radio, the Talk America Network and hundreds of radio and television shows across the nation. Laura was also the national spokesperson for NatureMade Vitamins for their “Change for the Better in 2007 Campaign” and appeared in over 40 television and radio markets across the United States.
The Speaker: Laura is a firm believer that challenges can be turned into strengths. And that you can create the life you have always dreamed of no matter what obstacles appear in your path. Her passion is about touching people’s lives, giving them hope, and making them laugh– and reminding others that they deserve nothing but the very best in all aspects of their lives. Known for her uncanny ability to create profound inspiration, Laura became a popular guest expert and successful motivational speaker through overcoming great personal struggles and sharing her uplifting, and often-humorous stories of rebuilding her personal and professional life. She believes everyone deserves to know that they have the freedom, and the choice, to “step into” living their own Crazy Beautiful lives–to “do” life differently! To live the lives there are destined to live.
The Writer: With a firm belief in creating a healthy foundation from which one may create an optimal life, Laura’s gift of combining education, motivation and inspiration is pervasive in all of her endeavors, including her writing. Laura is the author of two books; 52 Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life and 52 Ways to a Healthy You as well as one audio book, 52 Ways to a Healthy You. Laura was also a featured writer, as the LifeFit Expert for AOL’s website,, generating 11 blog posts and articles per week. She also wrote and produced a weekly podcast for ThatsFit which was sponsored by the Saturn Car Corporation.
The Story Behind Laura’s Passion: In the midst of a media tour for her first book, Laura experienced the sudden tragic and shocking death of her husband “Bob,” the loving father of her girls Tarah and Victoria, who were only three and six at the time. Subsequently, on her quest to regain balance, Laura’s journey was dotted with unspeakable challenges. It was then that she decided to turn her personal life lessons into victories for herself and others. Laura’s primary desire is to help others build the same resiliency and positive energy that it takes to make essential positive life-changes, no matter how large or small.
The Former Aerobics Queen: A strong background in fitness, Laura has been an active member of the American Council on Exercise and was one of the first IDEA Foundation Gold (now ACE) certified fitness instructors in the United States. After traveling coast to coast attending trainings with many of the top names in the fitness arena including Karen Voight, Molly Fox, Ken Alan and Denise Austin, as well as taking classes with the former Olympic trainer Radu and instructors with The Alvin Alley American Dance School and the Martha Graham School in New York City, Laura created her unique style of dance and fitness workouts which became  known to be the “toughest” in Dallas, Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News and  BELO television network. This ultimately led her to conducting highly successful workshops geared towards her peers in the industry, most notably through conferences for the International Dance Exercise Association.
The Texas Girl: Laura was born in Philadelphia and raised in upstate New York until the age of 13, when her father’s work transfer brought them to reside deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas. After a shocking adjustment, Laura ended up becoming a member of the World Famous Kilgore College Rangerettes Dance team, and became enamored with Texas culture, having been immersed in East Texas for two years where she learned to love southern drawls, iced tea and football. Now, Laura owns eight pairs of cowboy boots and can often be found listening to country music, while driving through Hollywood, California, where she now resides.
The Education: Laura Lewis, B.S., C.Ht, obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition from the University of North Texas and is a Certified Hypnotherapist, having received her certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the residency program at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California. An honors graduate from HMI, Laura has a successful private practice in Los Angeles, California, and offers hypnotherapy and coaching worldwide via Skype. Known as The HypNutritionist™Laura created the HypNutrition®program, a whole body-mind approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health, successful weight loss and overall wellness by combining nutrition education and hypnotherapy with individual clients. She is also founder of the HypNutrition® continuing educational course series designed for hypnotherapists, hypnotists and residential students in training for hypnotherapy certification programs. Laura is an active member of the American Hypnosis Association and The Hypnotherapists Union.  Laura holds additional Hypnotherapy certifications as a Weight Loss Specialist, Smoking Cessation Facilitator, Past-Life Regressions, and a diploma in Handwriting Analysis.